Numerical Differentiation Toolbox Documentation

Copyright © 2021 Tamas Kis


Technical Documentation

Click here.

Opening this documentation using the MATLAB Command Window.

To open the home page (this page) of the toolbox documentation in MATLAB, type


in the Command Window. To open the documentation of a specific function with name function_name from the Command Window, type

doc_NDT function_name

To open the PDF file with the technical documentation (Numerical_Differentiation.pdf) from the Command Window, type

doc_NDT tech


The toolbox can be downloaded from File Exchange or GitHub. The downloaded zip folder contains the following:

To install as a toolbox, simply open "Numerical Differentiation Toolbox.mltbx" in the "INSTALL" folder. MATLAB will automatically perform the installation and add all the functions included in the toolbox to the MATLAB search path.

Alternatively, all of the functions in the "toolbox" folder can be used independently.

Complex-Step Differentiation Functions

Complexified Functions

Central Difference Differentiation Functions

Forward Difference Differentiation Functions